Are you looking for a great moment to transform your child’s behavior, or perhaps your own? Whether you’re wondering the best and effective ways to handle a particular challenge, or just figuring out your raising approach to your child or perhaps ready to tear your hair out, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Our website offers discussions on parenting tips, homeschooling, and athletics for kids that will help you:

  • Make your child WANT to cooperate without punishment, threats, bribes, or yelling.
  • Connect more with your child to build sweeter, stronger bonds instead of struggling for control.
  • Raise your kids to grow up into competent, responsible, considerate, happy people.
  • Raise your kids using eternal values.
  • Feel more confident and inspired as a parent.

Leah Hoffman, the founding editor of the New Creation Center, also serves as a parenting expert for many websites. She lives in Houston, Texas, and is the proud parent of two amazing young adults who were raised with effective parenting.

Our team is surrounded by professionals in parenting, athletics for kids, and homeschooling. We believe in three (3) simple, big ideas in raising children:

  1. Regulating our emotions. Our most important responsibility as parents, teachers, and coaches is regulating our emotions, which is vital for our children to learn to manage themselves.


  1. Connecting with your child. From tantrums to texting, the secret of happy parenting, teaching, and coaching is a close relationship with your kid. That connection is crucial to get much influence, which is needed to make your child listens to you.


  1. Coaching instead of controlling. Don’t try to control your child. Coaching is much better at getting their cooperation. Setting limits is essential, but make sure to incorporate empathy and respect. You’ll be happy to find your child is much more likely to comply.


Our articles and blogs on the New Creation Center website are designed to make your kids well-adjusted, more cooperative, and happier. In return, you’ll be more comfortable and more relaxed as well as parent, coach, and teacher. Other benefits in reading our content include:

  • Living a more meaningful and fun family life.
  • Raising ethical, emotionally intelligent children who are likable, responsible, self-disciplined, considerate, and happy without ever having to punish.
  • Giving your children a real childhood while still preparing them for 21st-century life.
  • Having a close, loving relationship between you and your kids for the rest of your life.

Parenting is tough, but it isn’t complicated. Our articles will give yourself the support you deserve to be the parent, teacher, and coach to your children you want to be!

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