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Why Athletics is Important for Your Kids

Kids not only need to learn things regarding academics. One thing that’s currently in many curricula now is participating in any sports in class. Athletics, as stated by writer and education expert Derrick Meador in 2020, has a significant impact on individuals, schools, and even communities. It is crucial for your kids since it enhances both their physical and mental development. They can also learn and acquire different values that will help them grow into well-rounded adults.


Now, if this still doesn’t convince you as to why athletics is essential, you may consider the following top three key benefits your child can obtain when you choose to let them join sports.


  1. Builds essential life skills


To start everything off, engaging your kids to sports can help them develop other skills they will very much need growing up or as to what others call the “soft skills.” These are the set of important intrapersonal and interpersonal skills they need to have once they enter the workforce. Athletics help your kids these following skills:


  • Self-discipline – To be good at something, kids need to practice. So, the moment they join sports, they will develop this skill since they have to be well aware of the coach’s plan for them. They’ll understand their weaknesses and strengths and hone their abilities in whatever sport they’re in. With self-discipline, they can pretty much just jump over any of these hurdles.


  • Teamwork – Most sports and other athletic events would require your child to work together in teams. Signing them up to join sports exposes them to different kinds of people, so this also develops their social skills. But most importantly, they will learn how to work well with others to achieve one goal. They will learn how to handle relationships and keep them in good status.


  • Time-management – With your child having a life in sports, family, and in school, having them to join sports help them develop their skill in managing their time properly. It will help them be well-balanced and will allow them to juggle all aspects of their life.


  1. Teaches lifelong healthy habits


An active lifestyle being started at such a young age benefits children in a variety of ways, from sharpened sense to less idle times. With athletics, kids get the time to do physical activities and exercise every day, which they would not be able to do if they’re bombarded with school work. Thus, athletics sets them a schedule to exercise. A study from the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) in 2006 of female athletes showed that they improved their weight and body mass once allowed to participate in sports.

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With the demands of sports to be better at each performance, children are going to need to be healthy and be in a well-being state. So, your child always has to be aware of what he or she intakes and makes sure that they stay healthy, which then leads to teaching your child always to prioritize health and manage their eating habits. And as they like to say it, athletics influence the mind, body, and spirit.


  1. Motivates to perform well academically


The study of NFHS in 2007 found that the grade point average (GPA) of a high school athlete was relatively higher than those who don’t participate in sports. This is because, in the team, children are motivated by their coaches and teammates to succeed. It also helps them to develop a competitive spirit both on the field and in the classrooms.


So, if your child loves sports and needs extra encouragement to do well in school, being in a team and having to meet the team’s requirement of grades might just give them the motivation to succeed academically.




All of these benefits don’t only help them for a short period. They will keep on developing them as your children grow old. They will be accommodating not only in the field of sports but beyond that – to life beyond sports or even school. Children engaged in sports reap the benefits of their training for the rest of their lives.